Memory Clinic

Memory loss problems, confusion and mood disorders can affect up to 1 in 14 people above the age of 65 years and this increases to 1 in 5 above the age of 85.

These common complaints could be a sign of underlying brain or physical illness such as Alzheimer's disease. Early diagnosis, treatment and ongoing support for chronic brain illness helps people remain independent, while also improving quality of life.

The clinic is run jointly by an experienced Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry and a Senior Occupational Therapist. Dr Sanjeet Pakrasi, MRCPsych, MD has specialist experience in memory disorders, low mood, hallucinations and behaviour disturbances in older adults. He has an interest in neuroimaging and treatment of dementia and has participated in a number of research studies on brain scans and treatments in dementia. Jacquie Gowans, our occupational therapist has many years of experience in the assessment and support of people with memory problems. She conducts the functional assessment and implements ongoing treatment plans.

What does the examination involve?

The diagnosis of memory problems involves a clinical examination that includes a test of memory and other brain functions, an occupational therapy assessment (this provides information about a person's level of function) a brief physical examination as well as an MRI/CT brain scan. We also ask a member of your family to attend the assessment to provide us with additional information and to support you.

The clinical examination and discussion of results takes up to an hour and a half and is conducted jointly by Dr Pakrasi and Jacquie Gowans. They will explain the findings and agree a treatment plan with you.

Depending upon the underlying cause, this may include medications and individual or group interventions. The group and individual interventions are personalised and designed around your cognitive abilities to maximise your quality of life as well as support carers and family members. You may be invited to participate in our innovative Telehealth package if appropriate. Please visit our website at for more information about the memory service.

Costs and Services

We will always be clear about our costs and agree these with you to help you budget and plan your care.

Diagnostic session: £800

This involves a clinical assessment that lasts up to 1 hour 30 minutes, conducted by a Consultant and a senior Occupational Therapist. Also included is an MRI brain scan at our Memory Centre with a clinical radiologist's report, prescriptions, a copy of the assessment report with a treatment plan and correspondence to your GP. Costs of medications are not included and depend upon the medications prescribed. We will try and arrange for routine medication to be provided by your GP practice under shared care arrangements.

Review appointment: £175

This usually lasts about 30-45 minutes and involves a brief cognitive test and a discussion of ongoing issues. Initially this is on a 3 monthly basis and later once in 6 months.

Lasting Power of attorney: £400

This includes an explanation of the lasting power of attorney,the forms and completing the medical certificate / witnessportion of the form.

Repeat MRI Scan: £300

The MRI scan may be repeated to monitor progress of the illness.

Home visit (review - Consultant): £250

Home visit (Occupational Therapist) £125 per hour

A review visit at your home may be possible depending upon distances.

Please note that you will need a referral from your GP to be seen at the clinic. We will request your referring GP to perform some blood tests and an ECG before your appointment.


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