Sustainability and Community

Sustainability and the environment

InHealth's mission is to provide unrivalled managed healthcare services in the United Kingdom. It is a leader in the healthcare sector, and boasts an enviable record of commitment to the highest quality of service, in all its various aspects.

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact that we have. Our philosophy is to take closer steps to lowering the impact of our services by reducing our operational footprint and effectively managing and minimising waste products.  

Excellent service increasingly includes an understanding of, and sympathy for, the effect of our actions on the natural world around us. InHealth is very much aware of the importance of the environment, and works hard to ensure a responsible approach to environmental issues. This is built around a proactive programme to identify and implement environmentally responsible practices, supported with appropriate policies, procedures, communication and training, that will reduce the impact of its activities on the environment.InHealth has a written policy on the environment that sets out broad objectives and strategies. These are that the company will:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation
  • Seek to control direct environmental impacts by; responsible management of energy consumption; effective and efficient use of transport; minimising the production of waste, and managing its safe disposal
  • Establish an environment management system aimed at continuous improvement of the Group's environmental performance
  • Educate, train and motivate staff to understand the impact of their roles on the Group's environmental performance and to undertake their roles in a more environmentally responsible manner
  • Consider the environmental costs inherent in sourcing and purchasing materials and services, and ensure that these become part of the overall decision-making process in selecting suppliers.
To support and formalise these objectives, the company is committed to achieving the widely-recognised ISO 14001 standard in this area.
InHealth is very much aware of the need to involve employees throughout the business in support of its work to control and reduce environmental impact. It does this by:
  • Publicising the Sustainability Strategy and the broader strategies and programmes that support its practical implementation
  • Including environmental awareness within the employee at induction programmes
  • Including awareness of environmental impact and issues, and the need for training in these areas, within the Company's annual performance review systems.
Employees are specifically encouraged to help deliver our Sustainability Strategy by contributing at the operational and service level and within their local communities. InHealth has facilitated this by installing video conferencing facilities at its main locations, implementing computer and telephone systems to reduce the need for face to face meetings, and providing recycling facilities. 



Innovation, quality and improving patient healthcare are the core values of our business. InHealth’s Sustainability Strategy also supports a number of community and charitable initiatives. InHealth and its staff are dedicated to engaging with local and overseas communities both as an organisation and with active volunteer participation of employees.

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