5th InHealth Radiographer Reporting Study Evening

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Radiography: How do we bulletproof the profession?

The Health sector has undoubtedly faced some of its greatest challenges in 2018, this has not least been felt across radiology and in July 2018, the Secretary of State for Health laid out his 3 key priorities for Health & Social care… The Workforce, Technology & Prevention. These priorities combined are intrinsically linked to Diagnostic & Therapeutic radiography, arguably more so than in any other healthcare profession, so we have an obligation to ensure we are prepared for the challenges which await us. Undoubtedly challenge will bring change, but with change, comes opportunity and we must be ready to embrace these changes if we are to take the opportunities when they present themselves.

Our Annual South Region Study Evening asked the question; “How do we Bulletproof the profession?”. Our aim was to highlight the key priorities and how they relate to Diagnostic & Therapeutic radiography, all together, at one event. Our panel of experts and agenda included:

Charlotte Beardmore, Director of Professional Policy

Sue Webb, President of the Society & College of Radiographers – A welcome note from the President

Kevin Tucker, National Officer for Wales, SCoR – Artificial Intelligence and Radiographer Reporting: Why it is important for radiographers to be “At the discussion table”

Dawn McDonald, Consultant Breast Practitioner – The Consultant Mammographer’s pathway

Sheila Hassan, Project Radiographer – Intracranial Stereotactihttps://app.coschedule.com/#/calendar/219658/schedule?viewId=1817394c Radiotherapy – When Diagnostic meets Therapeutic Radiography: Strength in Numbers

Prof. Alison Leary, Professor of Healthcare Modelling – Why “Workforce Modelling” is key to delivering the Imaging & Cancer services of the future

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InHealth announces acquisition of UpRightMRI

InHealth, the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic solutions to the NHS and independent sector, has acquired UpRightMRI to expand its range of services. UpRightMRI is a long-established provider of upright and open MRI scans. It is the largest provider of these types of scanners in the UK operating from three sites in London, Birmingham and Leeds. Opening in 2006, UpRightMRI have been offering successful scanning services across the UK by helping anxious and claustrophobic patients overcome their fears when undertaking a scan and the team of 21 scan around 5,000 patients each year.

Geoff Searle, Managing Director – Integrated Services at InHealth said “This is an exciting opportunity for InHealth to expand our Radiology offering and complement our existing MRI services. Offering a wide range of scans that suit our patients needs is at the heart of what we do, and this investment provides InHealth with a real opportunity to continue to strengthen and multiply our presence in the field of diagnostics.”

Service celebrates 10 year birthday

North West NHS Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service (NWCATS) was formerly Greater Manchester NHS Clinical Assessment and Treatment Service and was initially commissioned by all the Greater Manchester Primary Care Trusts at that time. The service was unique and the first of its kind, providing assessment, diagnostics and treatment in mobile clinical units which travelled to various locations across Greater Manchester, some of which we continue to visit today.

The service was designed to provide rapid access to community-based services, which were convenient and accessible to the local community. The service supported and reduced the demand at the local hospitals by providing primary care assessment and treatment without the need for patients to attend the hospital when hospital treatment was not required.

The service has evolved overtime and contracts changed to meet the demand and changes with the local healthcare economy. NWCATS now provides MSK, physio, ENT and gastroenterology services, as well as mobile clinical units in car parks, GP practices, leisure centres and hospices.

NWCATS was acquired by InHealth in January 2017 and since this time, we have set up the service at new locations including Hodgson Street Car Park, Trinity House Macclesfield, University Stadium Macron and Conran Medical Practice. During this time, we have received over 580,000 referrals and 140,000 appointments, including MSK, ENT, Physiotherapy, Endoscopy and Diagnostic scans.

Here are some comments from the staff who have been with NWCATS throughout the last 10 years…

“When we first started we were fighting over arriving patients as we may only have had 10 a day if lucky. Now we are sometimes looking at 200 + a day so just shows how the service has grown”. Marcia,  Administrator

“I remember my first day with the service like it was yesterday, I initially started with the Service as Lead Gynaecology Nurse and remember being extremely anxious about leaving the NHS and starting to work for the Independent Sector and whether I had done the right thing and if the contract would last. I cannot believe I have now been working here for 10 years as it has passed so quickly. I am really proud that throughout the 10 years within the service and irrespective of the service structure, for those working within NWCATS, at the core centre of everything that we do, is ‘doing the right thing for the patient’.” Janet, Lead Cancer Nurse & Triage Team Manager

“Throughout the 10 years the service has continued to evolve to adapt to the needs of the patients and local community…it’s been fun with the occasional games!” Joanne, ENT Specialist Nurse

InHealth strengthens long-term imaging partnership with Canon Medical Systems

Four Aquilion Prime SP CT systems selected to deliver improved outcomes to patients

InHealth, the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions to the NHS and independent sector, has selected Canon Medical Systems UK to replace and expand its range of CT scanners. Four Aquilion Prime SP CT Systems have been ordered to support InHealth’s high-quality service provision to over 2 million patients per year, and underpin the clinical and operational needs of its radiographers and reporting radiologists.

The new orders are the latest in a decade long CT partnership between the two companies. The four new CT scanners will all operate within InHealth’s mobile fleet as part of its aim to meet the growing needs of general and specialist CT imaging as a frontline healthcare treatment planning and review tool.

“This deal represents a significant investment in renewing and increasing our portfolio of scanners to allow us to continue to meet the growing demand from the healthcare sector, and help deliver better outcomes for our patients. We are excited to be working with Canon Medical Systems and continue to strengthen and expand our presence in the field of diagnostics,” states Geoff Searle, Managing Director – Integrated Services at InHealth.

Alistair Howseman, Sales Director at Canon Medical Systems UK states, “Our strong and long partnership with InHealth is testimony to Canon Medical Systems’ record of providing imaging equipment that is not only best in class for clinical and operational needs, but also to it giving a sound financial return on investment. We are delighted to receive the new order and look forward to providing a smooth installation of the equipment as well as training and meeting ongoing service needs.”

The Aquilion Prime SP CT powers productivity within imaging departments by speeding up and simplifying complex or routine procedures and automating patient positioning. It has been designed to help save time and increase patient throughput, as well as deliver exceptionally low radiation doses and assure clinical confidence in the resulting scans.

Another Published Author for InHealth

Congratulations to yet another of our colleagues  – Sergio Coda (Consultant Endoscopist, Clinical Lead & Deputy Medical Director) who has become a published author.  Sergio co-authored a paper with the Portsmouth Endoscopy group on distal attachments and adenoma detection rates in colonoscopy which has been published on Taylor and Francis online!

Read the article here.

Lung scanner at the supermarket

NHS rolls out mobile screening unit in Nottingham to help detect early signs of disease

A state of the art mobile clinical scanning unit that can help detect signs of lung disease, is the latest tool to improve the health of people living in Nottingham.

The mobile CT scanner managed by InHealth Ltd, in collaboration with the NHS, arrived at the car par park of ASDA supermarket in Strelley in December and is expected to carry out hundreds of scans on local patients between now and February.

Patients registered with nine GP practices in Aspley and parts of Strelley were invited for a scan after an initial ‘Lung Health MOT’ check by respiratory nurses from the local community healthcare provider, Citycare.

The consultation is offered to people aged between 60 and 75 with a history of smoking.

In Aspley and Strelley between 30 and 40 per cent of the population are smokers – about twice the national average of 18 per cent. The number of people in Nottingham surviving lung cancer one-year after diagnosis is also below the England average.

Over 130 people have already had a Lung Health MOT at their local GP but many people have not responded to the invite.

Now local cancer specialists are urging people to book in at the GP for peace of mind or even potentially life-saving treatment.

Dr Safiy Karim – CCG Cancer Lead for Nottingham City, said: “Smoking is the number one cause of lung disease and the best health advice for any smoker is to give up as soon as possible. But people with a history of smoking are also more at risk of developing many forms of lung disease that can be treated more easily if caught early.”

Mobile cancer scanners have helped to boost early detection rates of lung cancer in a handful of places across the country, with Bulwell the first Nottingham location to host one of the scanning units in 2017.

Nearly two thirds (62%) of people who attended a CT scan last year were referred for further care. This was for a number of reasons including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), high blood pressure and asthma.

Health chiefs believe that locating the scanners near supermarkets makes them more convenient and lessens the dread for patients.

Dr Karim added: “It’s easy to ignore your health while you feel well but many illnesses do not show symptoms until they are more advanced. We also know that people are sometimes reluctant to visit hospital when they are invited for scan.

“That’s why we are inviting people for an initial health check and can offer an accurate test in the local community.”

The scanning unit and Lung Health MOT checks were funded by Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Paula Chadwick, Chief Executive, said: “By placing a CT scanner in the heart of the community, more people will be able to attend their appointment. They do not have to worry about travel, particularly if they are in ill-health, or about the cost of getting there.”

The MOT clinics are being held at the following surgeries

  • Melbourne Park Medical Centre
  • Aspley Medical Centre
  • Lime Tree Surgery
  • Strelley Health Centre
  • RHR Medical Centre
  • Beechdale Surgery
  • Bilborough Surgery
  • Boulevard Medical Centre
  • Grange Farm Medical Centre

Take a look at the recent BBC coverage here:

InHealth donates endoscopy equipment to Cameroon hospital

InHealth is proud to have recently donated some Fujinon endoscopy equipment to a hospital in Cameroon, where one of our own endoscopists  has been delivering community endoscopy services to patients for 1-2 weeks every 2 months for the past 4 years.

The Fujinon equipment will replace the old equipment currently being used at the hospital, providing higher quality images which will help to improve the quality of care being delivered to the local population of Douala.  It will also be used to further train local gastroenterologists in the delivery of more therapeutic procedures which they are currently unable to carry out.  The equipment will be tested in the UK this month and will be shipped to Cameroon early in the new year. 


MRI Clinical Lead Darren Hudson co-authors a 3-year review of MRI safety incidents at InHealth

InHealth, the UK’s largest specialist provider of diagnostic and healthcare solutions, aims to make healthcare better by delivering high quality tests, scans, assessments and procedures. InHealths core values of trust, passion, care and fresh-thinking influences the healthcare providers actions and behaviour. The organisation delivers on promises, are passionate about helping patients, put patients first, and constantly strive for improvements to make healthcare better.

Darren Hudson, MRI Clinical Lead at InHealth, co-authored a recent review of MRI safety standards of InHealth alongside Professor Andrew P Jones, Christie NHS FT. The review was conducted over a 3-year period.

Following a systematic approach, Darren Hudson and Professor Jones used our internal incident reporting system to review data that was then categorised and analyzed for themes and trends. The main findings included the discovery that 7.5% of the total number of incident reports were associated with MRI safety-related events and 15.5% being MRI-related reports overall. A reporting rate of 0.05%, 1 per every 1987 patients treated, was discovered which concludes a low outcome. Referral of contraindicated devices and a failure in the screening process were the main causes of the incident reports. Advice and instructional materials have been developed to improve practice and limit the number of incidents. It was determined that categorisation of MRI-related safety events could allow organisation comparisons and provide insight into the state of MRI safety and open discussions around common MRI safety issues.

Darren Hudson, MRI Clinical Lead

“The most important aspect of working in MRI has to be safety, both for our patients and staff. Because of this it is important that we monitor incident reports for themes that may suggest failings in the processes, and then share the lessons learned to improve upon this. The review was a chance for us to look at our safety record during the 3 years I have been in post, and share some of the actions taken to help support safety in MRI across the organisation. We also hope that sharing what we have found across InHealth will also be of use to others and contribute in a small way to the literature base on MRI Safety.”

New state of the art mobile clinical scanning unit opens in Nottingham

A new state of the art mobile clinical scanning unit has opened in Nottingham in collaboration with the NHS. Between 30-40 per cent of the population in Aspley and Shelley are smokers – twice the national average of 18 per cent. The unit is in Asda supermarket car park in Strelley and is set to carry out hundreds of scans between now and February.

Dr Safiy Karim – CCG Cancer Lead for Nottingham City, said: “Smoking is the number one cause of lung disease and the best health advice for any smoker is to give up as soon as possible. People with a history of smoking are also more at risk of developing many forms of lung disease that can be treated more easily if caught early.”

Dr Karim added: “It’s easy to ignore your health while you feel well but many illnesses do not show symptoms until they are more advanced. We also know that people are sometimes reluctant to visit the hospital when they are invited for a scan. That’s why we are inviting people for an initial health check and can offer an accurate test in the local community.” The scanning unit was funded by Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

New MRI Scanning Unit in Walsall for InHealth

InHealth has opened a brand new MRI scanning unit at the InHealth MRI Centre, Manor Hospital, Walsall. The new unit features two new scanners which are part of a major healthcare investment of £3.2m. The Siemens Aera scanners provide exceptional image quality, are wide-bore systems (72cm) which are more agreeable for patients who suffer from claustrophobia than standard scanners, and are also suitable for all bariatric patients. InHealth has delivered MRI services to Walsall Healthcare Trust for a total of 17 years and has recently entered into a further 15 year contract with the Trust.

The Mayor and Mayoress of Walsall opened the unit alongside Trust senior management and senior clinicians, and representatives from InHealth.

Graham Ogden, InHealth Director of Operations North, said: “We are proud of our longstanding and trusted partnership with Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust and are honoured to be able to continue this partnership for a further 15 years, working with the Trust to deliver an outstanding service, provide quicker access to diagnostic imaging and facilitate a broader clinical patient base.”