Patient Satisfaction

894 London NHS Diagnostic Service patients completed a patient satisfaction survey between July and September 2012

Positive Comments

London NHS Diagnostic Service Patient Satisfaction Survery ResultsOverall it was a fantastic experience, quick, efficient and stress free. Well done! Kentish Town Health Centre
What more can I say when service was excellent all the way! Congrats keep up the good service that is all I can say. Hornchurch
Inhealth is providing an excellent service to the patients. I am very satisfied by the service. Broad Street Health Centre
Simply outstanding - friendly and welcoming. Made to feel completely comfortable. Heart of Hounslow Health Centre

Negative comments

“I received confirmation letter only after my appointment. Therefore I wasn’t sure if I was going to the right centre as I just googled it to find location.” Lordship Lane

“Not having any contact after initial letter I had to make a phone call to arrange an appointment. After which no postal confirmation was received, so a further phone call for procedure and directions was made.” Hornchurch
“I didn’t receive the appointment or directions as promised and had to ring up day before to find out location.” St Georges Hospital
What we did - We are aware that sending letters and patient information by post is often not ideal as there may be postal delays and if the appointment is within a week so the letter may not arrive before the patient leaves for their appointment.
We are now asking patients if they have an email address and sending the information by email if possible. Alternatively we will signpost patients to our website where all the maps and information leaflets are available to read or print off.
“Not clear on the prep required (water/food) would be helpful if on the appointment letter and not in notes.” Heart of Hounslow
“The information on how to prepare for my ultrasound had headings that did not exactly match the name of my test. My choice was to undergo the strictest preparation possible, but I would have preferred to be told exactly what to do, not choose.” Vista Diagnostics
What we did - We revised our ultrasound preparation leaflet about 12 months ago in response to patient complaints when they received complicated and conflicting preparation instructions if they were having more than one scan. This new leaflet has not been as useful as we had hoped and patients are confused by the instructions.
We have looked for a model of good practice from the NHS and not found anything better. We are now reviewing our letter and leaflet so that there is less opportunity for confusion and will ensure that at booking the patient is told which preparation instructions to follow. We are also revising the referral form so that GPs do not order multiple scans which are not necessary.


January-June 2012 patient satisfaction

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