ENT is the study of conditions and disorders of the ear, nose, or throat. Appointments are carried out by qualified doctor; either a GP with special interest in ENT, or an ENT consultant who will assess if there is a treatable condition present. You may also be seen for aural care by a qualified ENT Nurse Practitioner.
As well as providing ENT services in hospitals and community locations, InHealth also supports other ENT services through our Audiology service, providing audiometric testing and wax removal for various partners across the country.
Please note that InHealth do not carry out private ENT appointments. All ENT work carried out by InHealth is under NHS contract.

Before your Appointment

If you require assistance with language interpretation or would like to be escorted by a friend, relative or carer, please advise the Patient Referral Centre so that the clinic staff are ready for you.  The Patient Referral Centre can be contacted on 0333 202 0298.
Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time; if you are late we may not be able to carry out your test. If you need to bring young children with you, please also bring a carer to supervise them whilst you are being seen by the Nurse/Doctor. 
InHealth looks to offer a “one-stop shop” service wherever possible, so please be prepared to be with us for up to 90 minutes, as we may look to remove any obstructive wax, and even test your hearing as necessary on the day of your appointment. We will always endeavour to see you as quickly, and safely, as we can. 

During your appointment

On your arrival
At the clinic you will see a GP with special interest in ENT, a Consultant ENT doctor, or an ENT Nurse Practitioner. If you are being seen for an Ear appointment, you may also see an Audiologist for a hearing test and ear pressure test. InHealth triages all incoming referrals to ensure wherever possible you have been booked for all appropriate treatments on the same day. 
Your examination
Our clinicians will conduct an initial assessment, by asking questions about your medical history. If you are being seen for an obstruction in your ear, they may use a suction device to remove any debris, wax, or foreign objects they find there. If you are being seen for a Nose or Throat appointment, they may use an instrument called a nasendoscope to look inside your nose, nasopharynx, or upper oesophagus.
You may be prescribed some medication to treat any conditions the clinicians diagnose. If they find something that requires further investigation, you will be onward referred for appropriate diagnostic imaging, or to a treatment centre appropriate to your condition. Where possible we will always try to book further appointments for you before you leave.
Follow up
If you have been referred for diagnostic imaging, or you have a long-term condition requiring monitoring then you may require a follow up appointment. This will be booked for you at the time of the first appointment, and any explanation required will be given to you. 

After your appointment

If you have any questions or queries outstanding after your appointment, feel free to ask any of our staff, who will either answer your question or find out an answer for you. A record of your appointment will be shared with your GP, so they are kept informed of your treatment status at all times. If you have any questions after you have left the service, please call our Patient Referral Centre on 0333 202 0298.
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