Hospitals - What we do


As one of the UK’s leading healthcare providers, InHealth is very experienced in providing accessible, modern and efficient healthcare services when and where they are needed.

We deliver diagnostics and managed patient services to the NHS across the country in the acute and primary care setting. Our range of services includes MRI, CT, DXA, Ultrasound, Mammography, X-Ray, Nuclear Medicine, Audiology and ENT, Interventional Cardiology and Physiological Measurement.

Fixed Sites

Our extensive fixed site network has diagnostic centres all over the UK. We have the flexibility, experience and expertise to work with hospital partners to set up new or enhance existing imaging departments. By continually investing in the most advanced technology, we ensure that InHealth partners and their patients have access to state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. Find out more about our fixed site diagnostic imaging services.

Mobile Services

InHealth has a mobile fleet of over 55 fully mobile diagnostic scanners and a number of semi-permanent facilities. The mobile fleet can be mobilised quickly to fulfil or enhance your existing diagnostic service needs. We can provide services in semi-permanent facilities and a range of interim solutions for customers whose needs are temporary or short term, but beyond basic mobile capacity. Find out more about our mobile diagnostic imaging services.

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