Diagnostic Imaging Services

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  • Angiography

    Our main Cardiac Catheterisation Lab is in St. Peter's Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey. Standard angiography procedures are used, and a cardiologist will provide the referring clinician with a report. Particular preparatory instructions are needed before undergoing this procedure for patients who use warfarin or diabetic drugs. We also deliver angiography services via our mobile fleet of Cardiac Cathetirisation labs. The fully managed units can be transported directly to most sites in the UK.

    InHealth are happy to talk with all trusts to set up angiography services in your area. Please call 0845 045 3666 or email info@inhealthgroup.com to discuss your requirements.

  • Audiology

  • InHealth operate ENT & Audiology services for the NHS in Derbyshire, North Staffordshire, Peterborough, London and Southampton City.

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

    We offer 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure testing throughout Greater London, via the London NHS Diagnostic Service. GPs in Greater London can refer a patient for blood pressure testing under various CCG contracts throughout London.

  • Breast MRI

    Breast MRI Scans are an important diagnostic tool for producing detailed images of breast tissue and structures. Breast MRI Scans are commonly used for the following:

    Screening of women who are genetically proven to be at high risk of breast cancer

    Breast MRI is recommended by NICE for women who have a strong family history of breast cancer, and is particularly useful for younger women whose breast tissue is too dense to allow traditional mammography to get a clear image.

    Use in ascertaining the extent of previously discovered cancers and abnormalities in some patients

    Breast MRI is recommended for some women who have had an abnormality detected by ultrasound or mammogram. It provides an exceptionally clear image of the abnormality and is not affected by dense breast tissue.

    Additional evaluation of clinical findings e.g. from mammograms and ultrasound

    Breast MRI is used to provide additional detail to mammography and ultrasound where an abnormality needs further evaluation, and can be used to determine whether a biopsy is needed.

    Monitoring breast cancer treatment

    When a tumour has been detected it is important to monitor it regularly, both to check that any cancer treatments are working effectively and that no new abnormalities appear in the breast. The clear images produced by MRI are ideal for this and are also a helpful tool for planning surgery.

    Checking for whether silicone implants have burst

    MRI is the best method of detecting ruptures in breast implants.

  • Breast Screening

    InHealth offer breast screening services at Exeter, delivering the North and East Devon Breast Screening Service for the NHS.  We also operate breast screening services for Outer North East London on behalf of the NHS.

    InHealth’s breast screening service was the first in the UK to provide digital screening units. Once the examination has taken place, the radiographer can access all images at the touch of a button to check the quality of the images before the patient leaves the examination room.

    The service has also fully implemented the screening age extension and accepts self referrals from women over 70.

    For more information please contact info@inhealthgroup.com

  • Cardiac MRI

    Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR), sometimes known as cardiac MRI, is a medical imaging technology for the non-invasive assessment of the function and structure of the cardiovascular system. It is derived from and based on the same basic principles as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) but with optimisation for use in the cardiovascular system.

    Cardiac MRI is a safe, non-invasive test that creates detailed pictures of organs and tissues.

    Cardiac MRI creates both still and moving pictures of the heart and major blood vessels looking at structure and function. The images can help determine the best way to treat people who have heart problems.

    Cardiac MRI is used commonly in imaging for the following conditions:

    • Coronary Heart Disease
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Damage to the heart caused by heart attack
    • Heart failure
    • Heart valve problems
    • Congenital heart defects
    • Cardiac tumours

    During a cardiac MRI scan a contrast agent may be injected into a vein. The contrast agent travels to the heart and highlights the heart and blood vessels on the scan images.

  • Coronary Angioplasty

    Coronary angioplasty (PCI) is performed at our Cardiac Catheterisation Lab is in St. Peter's Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey and on our mobile fleet of cardiac catheterisation labs. The labs are equipped for both diagnostic and interventional treatment procedures.

    For more information contact info@inhealthgroup.com

  • CT Scans

    Multi-slice CT is our standard for 3D cross sectional imaging with high speed volumetric acquisition. A leading modality for oncology conditions, CT is now recognised as being at the forefront of colon screening, dental implant reconstruction and detailed imaging of the musculo-skeletal system.

    A consultant radiologist will provide the referring clinician with a report within five days of the scan.

    For more information contact info@inhealthgroup.com

  • DXA Scan

    DXA is the gold standard for assessing a patient’s risk of osteoporosis. Bone density measurements are widely used in clinical practice because there is a strong relationship between bone mass and fracture risk. For clinical indications for DXA and assistance with interpreting results, please read the Clinical Guidelines on DXA produced by InHealth for the London NHS Diagostic Service. To refer a patient for a DXA scan: Please call 0845 603 0854 for a referral form, and to find out whether NHS patients in your area can be referred. For more information on the referral process, please see our Referral Guide. GPs in Greater London can refer using various CCG contracts throughout the region.

  • ECG

    Our ECG service choices include 12 lead resting ECG, and 24 or 48 hour ambulatory ECG. InHealth offer these services at locations across Greater London, via the InHealth Diagnostic Service for London.

  • Echocardiogram

    GPs can refer patients for Echocardiography using the InHealth Diagnostic Service for London (see referral information below).

    Reasons to refer:

    • Suspected heart failure (to assess LV function)
    • Suspected myocarditis /pericarditis /pericardial effusion
    • Suspected valvular disease (murmur identified by GP)
    • To assess left ventricular function in patients with hypertension
    • To assess cardiac function in patients presenting with palpitations, arrythmias, blackouts or TIAs

    NB: The NICE recommendation for management of chronic heart failure suggests that a 12 lead ECG and/or BNP test should be carried out first and if either or both are abnormal an echo should be performed.

    To refer a patient for an echocardiogram:

    Please call 0333 202 0297 for a referral form, and to find out whether NHS patients in your area can be referred. 

  • Endoscopy

    InHealth offer endoscopy services throughout Greater London, via various London CCG contracts and via Prime Diagnostics.

  • Memory Clinic

    Memory problems, confusion and mood disorders can affect up to 1 in 14 people above the age of 65 years and this increases to 1 in 5 above the age of 85. These common complaints could be a sign of underlying brain or physical illness. Early diagnosis, treatment and ongoing support for chronic brain illness helps people remain independent, while also improving quality of life.

    For more information including pricing please see the memory clinic pdf.

  • MRI Scans

    MRI provides exceptionally detailed images of all body structures in multiple planes without the use of ionising radiation. MRI has proved to be unusually rewarding in the detection, localisation, and assessment of extent and character of disease in most parts of the body. In the brain, for example, it has a proven capacity to define some tumours and the plaques of multiple sclerosis provided by no other technique.

    InHealth offer the UK's only high field open scanner, at Croydon University Hospital. This scanner makes it possible for patients with claustrophobia or obesity to undergo an MRI scan. This service is available to NHS patients in the local area, and to private patients throughout the UK.

    Standard MRI services are offered to NHS and private patients throughout the UK. Search for your nearest MRI centre.

  • Nerve Conduction Test

    Nerve conduction Study (NCS) to measure the electrical function of nerves in the limbs and Electromyography (EMG) is a test to measure the electrical activity of muscles are carried out at Cornwall House Clinic in Staffordshire.

    Both tests are carried by a highly experienced consultant neurophysiologist. Following the test a report which will be sent to the referring clinician within 4 working days.

    For more information visit our Cornwall House Diagnostic Centre pages

  • PET/CT Scans

    PET/CT has revolutionized the diagnosis of inflammation and treatment of cancer by adding precision of anatomic localization to functional imaging.

    InHealth provide PET/CT services at 17 locations across the south of England via the NHS PET/CT South Service, helping to improve local access to cancer scanning.
    To refer a patient for PET/CT:
    Clinicians in the South of England can refer patients for PET/CT using our PET/CT referral form
    For more information please see the NHS PETCT South Contract pages
    Clinicians at Portsmouth Hospital can refer direct to the Portsmouth PETCT unit


  • Ultrasound

    Ultrasound is one of the most widely used diagnostic tools as it’s non-invasive. New developments in ultrasound mean it can now be used for a greater range of general body investigations.

    InHealth also offer Vascular Ultrasound/Vascular Doppler

    For more information contact info@inhealthgroup.com

  • Vascular Doppler

    The InHealth Vascular Ultrasound Service (formally Vincent Medical) is one of the UK’s leading specialists in non-invasive vascular imaging services. Based at the University College London Hospital, the Vascular Laboratory is part of the UK’s leading Multi-disciplinary Endovascular Team (MET) and located along side the departments Vascular Hybrid theatre and Vascular Interventional suite.

    To refer a patient for vascular ultrasound:

    Please call 0845 155 5000 ext. 70200 for a referral form.

  • X-Ray

    X-Ray is the most common imaging technique and provided throughout the UK at InHealth diagnostic services.

    For more information contact info@inhealthgroup.com

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