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Audiology is the study of hearing disorders. Tests are carried out by an Audiologist or Clinical Scientist who will assess if there is any loss of hearing. InHealth offers NHS-funded hearing testing and hearing aids for adult patients across the country as well as providing access to a range of support services and on-going aftercare.

1 in 6 people in the UK suffer from hearing loss, which can happen gradually over time.  We are here to help patients cope with impaired hearing or balance, provide hearing aids that best suit their hearing problems and enhance quality of life.

InHealth is an IQIPS accredited provider of adult hearing services across the UK including AQP. Our GP direct referral, patient centred, community audiology services are delivered from GP surgeries and community hospital locations, facilitating timely diagnosis for patients with poor hearing as well as access to a range of on-going support and aftercare.

Patient booking, hearing assessment, hearing aid fitting and maintenance are delivered by our highly trained audiologists who are registered with the HCPC or RCCP.  We deliver a fast, high quality, responsive, efficient service close to home, including a Speech-in-Noise test as standard and an individual management plan encompassing hearing aid adjustment, repair and re-fitting.


All of our clinics are managed and operated by highly trained audiologists who follow a Continuous Professional Development Programme and attend specialist courses to keep abreast of the latest advances in the field.

A selection of our clinics in London also offer private ear wax micro-suction providing a simple, safe and comfortable form of ear wax removal, using a microscope and medical suction device.  In addition to ear wax removal we also carry out a tympanometry test, which tests the middle ear functionality.

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Please take the time to read our useful leaflet on Hearing Aid and Battery safety here.

Please also visit the danalogic Patient Support page for product information leaflets, FAQs, instructional videos & information about compatible wireless accessories.

Just a thank you note for arranging an appointment so promptly and for the useful information in the appointment pack. Also, the audiologist I saw was very helpful and issued hearing aids which are both effective and discrete. I much appreciate the service you have provided.

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