Breast Screening

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Breast screening is the process of using an X-ray (also known as a mammogram) for the purpose of diagnosing breast cancer at an early stage.

The NHS National Breast Screening Programme offers routine breast screening to all women between the ages of 50 and 70, every 3 years.  InHealth is proud to deliver 3 NHS Breast Screening Services – North & East Devon, Outer North East London, and Surrey & North East Hampshire from mobile and static units.  The programme saves over 1400 lives every year.

We use  digital mammography which allows us to capture highly detailed images of the breast so that abnormalities can be identified more easily.  Images of suspicious areas can be enhanced and magnified to assist the detection of abnormalities.

All our breast screening units are easily accessible for all  women.  We can offer reasonable adjustments to accommodate individual needs and requirements, including extended appointment times and easy to read information leaflets for women with learning disabilities attending breast screening at a mobile unit or a breast screening centre.


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We continuously invest in emerging technology and use advanced digital breast tomosynthesis for more accurate imaging.  We were the first to deliver a fully digital mobile breast screening service in the UK virtually eliminating the need to recall patients due to inadequate image quality.

Our teams of specialist Breast Screening Care nurses provide support, information and education for patients and their carers/family on breast cancer and breast conditions throughout the process of investigation and diagnosis.

Breast Screening
Breast Screening Services

Our Breast Screening Assessment Clinics are staffed by dedicated multi-disciplinary teams of Consultant Radiologists, Associate Breast Clinicians, highly experienced Radiographers, clinical and administration staff, recalling women to obtain a definitive diagnosis of all potential screen detected abnormalities. This is achieved by following the principles of triple assessment – mammography/ultrasound, clinical examination and needle biopsy).

We carry out Breast Screening MRIs for those women under the surveillance part of the breast screening programme or are deemed as genetically high risk to confirm the extent of previously discovered cancers/abnormalities.

On two occasions this year you have come to my rescue.  I had a concern regarding my screening in June, and the fact that I now have a pacemaker installed –  so you listened to my worry and put my mind at rest with your patience and understanding.  It really helped.  Then I asked for your thoughts re using an oestrogen cream and again you kindly advised me, so I had to write to say how much you have helped.  I am very grateful to you, for being there, for the service you provide, and essentially for your compassion.

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