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A CT (Computerised Tomography) scan is a specialised X-ray examination, which produces clear images of the inside of the body. CT is excellent at showing soft tissue, air, fluid, bone, vessels and all other internal structures of the body, allowing doctors to identify any problems.

New technology allows CT to be painless, stress free and very fast. In some instances, a CT scan may use a ‘contrast agent’ (a dye containing iodine), which is either drunk or injected, to enhance the image and give a clearer view of the patient’s anatomy.


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InHealth is an established provider of fully managed CT scan services to both NHS and independent sectors, delivering services from either mobile, relocatable or fixed sites, including InHealth’s specialist diagnostic centres.

We continue to invest in our CT facilities so we can offer patients rapid access to state-of-the art CT equipment and high quality services. We also provide specialist services including Cardiac CT and CT Colonography.

InHealth is committed to delivering a high quality and reliable service. We are ISO and CQC registered and therefore subject to rigorous audit and testing of our processes at all stages of the patient pathway, from referral to report.

CT Scan
CT Scan

The management and operation of every CT unit is undertaken by a highly trained, experienced team of professionals providing excellent standards of patient care and customer satisfaction.

InHealth offers a complete mobile CT solution, which includes systems from a variety of manufacturers providing a broad choice for our customers, including the very latest mobilised low-dose systems.

Our mobile CT units provide patients access to industry-leading scan equipment either at a hospital site or other suitable off-site location.

If you’re attending a diagnostic appointment with InHealth, take a look at this website from Informed Scan for more information about what to expect when you visit. There is also a section on Radiation Risk for anyone attending X-Ray, DEXA, CT, Cardiac and Mammography appointments.

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