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Accredited by the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE), InHealth is the largest provider of community Echocardiography (Echo) services in the UK, delivered from over 70 sites across the country.  We support the NHS to deliver services for patients closer to home and in community settings.

InHealth has a dedicated Echo Educational team providing an internal BSE Development Programme, paving the way for the next cohort of Accredited Cardiac Physiologists, and we are proud to have received BSE Training Accreditation in 2019 – the first private organisation to receive this award for the Programme which has been a great success.

An Echo is a completely safe ultrasound scan of the heart used to assess both its structure and function.  Ultrasound waves produce images of the heart on a screen.  The Echo is performed and reported by specially trained Cardiac Physiologists. The Echo report allows doctors to evaluate the heart’s health.  Reasons for patients being referred for an echo are varied, some examples are:

  • Breathlessness or other symptoms during exertion
  • To investigate the cause of a heart murmur
  • To check the size of the heart chambers
  • To check for fluid around the heart
  • To check that heart muscles are the right thickness and are pumping correctly


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InHealth delivers over 33,000 echo scans in community settings each year across the UK in GP Practices, Medical Centres and Community Hospitals. We pride ourselves on being able to provide flexible models of service delivery to meet the exact requirements of commissioning bodies looking to innovate in developing patient-centred services.

All our scans are full investigations and our Reporting Guidelines adhere to the BSE minimum data set (2012) for a standard adult transthoracic Echo.

We also provide services to the Acute Sector to support waiting list initiatives.

Our service is made up of a strong team structure ensuring robust clinical governance and continuing professional development. Our teams include clinical and operational management with the clinical structure made up of our Clinical Leadership Forum with membership including our Consultant Cardiologists and Clinical Leads.

Our Operational Management is supported by a Head of Echocardiography and made up of a regional structure of Clinical Operations Managers & Regional Operations Managers.  Services are provided in line with NICE, and BSE Guidelines.  Our department is CQC Registered in addition to having BSE Accreditation.

In addition to cardiac ultrasound, we can manage the entire patient journey, from receipt of GP referral to providing study images and reports immediately to local Secondary Care physicians via Ultralinq, a web based PACS. Working alongside GPs with Special Interests, Cardiologists and Heart Failure teams, we can provide a fully integrated, high quality and patient-centred service in community settings.

Staff were very professional and treated me with dignity and respect.  Very gently, so no after effects and a pleasure to meet – true professionals.

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Meet our clinicians

Dr Nesan Shanmugam

Dr Nesan Shanmugam

Clinical Lead for InHealth Echotech

Dr Nesan Shanmugam, InHealth Echotech Consultant since 2014, provides teaching for staff and support for individual clinical cases, working with the leadership team in all aspects of clinical operations, governance and education. He is a Consultant Cardiologist at St George’s University Hospital, London and Honorary Senior Lecturer based in the Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute at St George’s University of London. He has a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education at University College London and continues to actively teach at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. A recognized expert in echocardiography, cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and heart failure with many national and international peer reviewed publications, Dr Shanmugam is Clinical Lead for the optimization and follow up of patients with Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy and the Cardiac Sarcoid services. He was an integral part of the team that developed and implemented the first national Heart Failure Unit in the UK which opened in 2016, providing specialist nursing, therapist and cardiology care to admitted patients with heart failure.

Dr Rajan Sharma

Dr Rajan Sharma

Clinical Lead for InHealth Echotech

Dr Rajan Sharma, InHealth Echotech Clinical Lead since 2005, is responsible for overseeing local guidelines in accordance with British Society Echocardiography recommendations and providing teaching for staff and support for individual clinical cases. He works with the leadership team in all aspects of clinical operations, governance and education. Director of Echocardiography and Head of Clinical Services for The Cardiology Clinical Academic Group at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Trust, he is also an honorary senior lecturer at St George’s University of London Medical School and was previously a consultant cardiologist at Ealing Hospital NHS Trust. He has extensive experience of delivering cardiology care at primary, secondary and tertiary level. Dr Sharma is a recognized expert in echocardiography with many national and international peer reviewed publications. His principle areas of interest include complex echo imaging for cardiac function, the functional assessment of coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease and cardiomyopathy.

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