Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Our ENT services

ENT is the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of disorders or abnormalities in the head and neck, most particularly the ear, nose and throat.  It also referred to as Otolaryngology (ORL).

ENT diagnoses and treats everything from chronic hay fever and runny noses to polyps, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Among the conditions that are commonly treated by an ear, nose, and throat specialist are injury to ears, nose or throat; nerve problems in the ears, nose or throat; balance problems; hearing impairment; ear infection; tonsil or adenoid infection and swimmer’s ear.


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We are dedicated to providing rapid access to locally commissioned NHS community-based services, which are convenient and accessible to the local community. Ultimately, this brings care closer to home for an enhanced patient experience and better clinical outcomes.

We have ENT clinics located in Southampton City and across Greater Manchester, providing a multi-disciplinary service to the local community.

Dedicated GPs with a special interest in ENT, ENT Consultants, ENT Nurse Practitioners and Extended Scope Audiologists work in collaboration with Audiologists and Radiographers to ensure patients are diagnosed, treated or onward referred for a variety of diagnostic testing or procedures, only when necessary.

ENT services
ENT services

Our ENT clinics have dedicated treatment rooms with access to onsite diagnostics. All our patients are clinically triaged before their arrival to the clinic.

InHealth offers assessment and management of otitis externa and discharging ears; tinnitus; hearing loss; vertigo; nasal obstruction; sinusitis; rhinitis; routine epistaxis; nasal polyps. We also run Aural Care Clinics and can refer directly to secondary care services as appropriate.

Outpatient Nasendoscopy, skin prick testing is also carried out, so patients can have an MRI or CT within a few weeks of their appointment.

The Nurse and Consultant were very friendly.  I feel I had a thorough examination and reassured about my condition. I was also seen on time. After weeks of coughing I was diagnosed with reflux and given 8 weeks meds which have totally cured my nasal and coughing problems.

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