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For some patients, Open MRI can be offered as an alternative to conventional MRI. Open MRI scanners are designed to provide optimal image quality comparable to traditional closed or tunnel MRI scanners, while also keeping patient comfort in mind.

Our Open MRI scanners are wide open on three sides allowing more space around the body, making the experience more reassuring for anxious patients and those that suffer from claustrophobia. Heavier patients or patients with restricted mobility may also find the scanner more suitable to their needs.


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Our advanced Open MRI scanner is designed to deliver a much more comfortable patient experience with a 270-degree view throughout the procedure.

Open MRI is particularly suitable for patients who are:

– Claustrophobic
– Bariatric (up to 220kg/34st)
– Have limited mobility
– Anxious
– Elderly
– Or simply prefer the option of an open scanner.

Our MRI facilities combine the best of both worlds – an environment for patient comfort with the advantage of the outstanding MRI image quality.

“Everyone was friendly and made me feel at ease, the MRI was comfortable (unlike ones I’ve had in the past) and it was a quick and efficient service”

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