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A PET-CT scanner is used to detect the radioactive tracer in the body to assess how well organs and tissues are working. The radioactive tracer leaves the body naturally.

As one of the UK’s leading experts in the provision of PET-CT solutions, we are experienced in providing patients with accessible, modern and efficient scans when and where they are needed, linking results and reports to the relevant cancer network.

A PET-CT (Positron Emission Tomography Computed Tomography) scan combines a CT scan and a PET scan into one scan. The scan uses X-ray technology together with a radioactive tracer to produce a detailed three-dimensional picture of the internal anatomy and function.

Certain organs and tissues absorb the radioactive tracer which are “attached” to compounds, such as glucose.

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Years’ experience in PET-CT


Patient satisfaction

With 30+ years experience in PET-CT, InHealth has a range of flexible solutions that NHS Trusts and customers can call upon to support the delivery of their PET-CT service to patients.

This solution may be the provision of modern fixed and mobile PET-CT scanners.

Hospitals can also take advantage of the patient booking, rapid image transfer, IT, reporting, PACs solutions and auditing that InHealth have developed to facilitate the entire patient journey across multiple locations.

A dedicated team speak to every patient and arrange appointments through calls, texts and emails, achieving DNA rates of less than 1%. Patient satisfaction rates are also above 99%.

Finally, InHealth can readily invest in new scanners or property with the associated design expertise that is needed to create facilities that optimise operational efficiencies, yet are still comfortable for patients.


Making healthcare better for East Midlands patients

Launched in 2006, the PET-CT facility at the InHealth Specialist Imaging Centre in the grounds of Nottingham City Hospital was the UK’s first public private partnership for a PET-CT and integrated cyclotron facility.

The purpose built ‘Centre of Excellence’ features the latest scanning equipment including 64 slice PET-CT scanner with open view gantry and wide flared aperture for greater patient comfort.

The facility is a joint venture between InHealth, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and Siemens PETNET and provides a fully reported service for local clinicians. To compliment the centre and services being provided on site, the department includes the latest MRI scanner.

Our experience is across the UK, benchmarked against clinical quality and performance measures from around the world.

Brand new PET-CT scanner 

In August 2020, we were delighted to launch a brand new mobile scanning service at Stevenage’s Lister Hospital in a boost for the NHS trust’s cancer treatment.

The state-of-the-art PET-CT scanner is in use at the Stevenage Hospital every Tuesday – saving patients in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire from a 70-mile round trip to Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in Northwood, where these scans take place on a daily basis.

We are extremely delighted to form this partnership with East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust and the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre. This new service, delivered with modern technology in our fantastic facilities, will help reduce waiting times, improve access for patients and provide a more convenient location in this region.

Providing mobile solutions to customers and patients 

InHealth are well versed and highly experienced at providing mobile PET-CT services. Mobile units provide localised scanning/treatment for patients at multiple locations, which is a cost-effective usage of scanners and staffing. The floor plan of a mobile unit is often ¼ the size of a standard static department, and yet does not compromise on the level of care or quality provided. A mobile service is provided to help establish a new service, maintain waiting lists for high demand services, provide continuity when scanning equipment is replaced, whilst ensuring that patients are scanned as near to their home postcode as possible which is an NHS England initiative. Once a new service has been established via the utilisation of mobile units, InHealth then works with Trusts to support a static solution which provides further access and availability of the service to the local network.

Nottingham University Hospitals have worked closely with InHealth for over 15+ years to ensure the delivery of high quality PET-CT services for our patients. The multi-professional team work together closely providing a great patient experience with lots of positive feedback, meeting all our key performance indicators and supporting research and innovation.

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