MSK Physiotherapy (NHS Only)

The aim of Physiotherapy is to help you to improve your functional ability after an injury. Physiotherapy treatment takes a holistic approach, looking at the whole body and causes of your injury rather than the individual symptoms by assessing the body as a whole. By doing this, Physiotherapy helps to prevent further recurrence of injury. 

The core of Physiotherapy treatment is exercise therapy, manual therapy, education and advice.  
  • Education and Advice – At the heart of all Physiotherapy treatment is education regarding your current injury and offering you the best possible advice to help you self manage your recovery. 
  • Exercise Therapy – Therapeutic exercise is aimed at restoring strength in the affected area. Physiotherapists will prescribe an exercise programme specific to you and your injury. Your treating Therapist will also be able to give you the best possible advice for sport specific exercise rehabilitation and when it is best for you to return to sport. 
  • Manual Therapy – Physiotherapists use the most evidence based treatment techniques to either mobilise joints to improve stiffness or mobilise soft tissue to remove swelling and improve circulation.

Attending the face to face appointment

When you attend your face to face appointment, your physiotherapist will need to fully assess your injury by asking a number of clinical questions. As such, the physiotherapist may be asking you questions that you have already answered to your Clinical Case Manager. The reason for this duplication is so that the physiotherapist can diagnose your condition and establish your clinical needs themselves. This will be followed by some hands-on assessment protocols.
A significant proportion of a face to face treatment session is the verbal discussion. 
In order for you to get the most benefit from your appointment please note the following:
  • Arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time
  • Wear loose fitting, appropriate clothing
  • Adhere to any clinical self-management programme your physiotherapist provides
  • First appointment? Please take with you: details of medication and copies of any investigation reports
  • Take your diary to make any further appointments
  • Cancellations MUST be advised to the clinic at least 24hrs before your appointment or your session will be lost 
  • If a session is not attended or is re-scheduled twice, your referral will be sent back to your Clinical Case Manager 

Follow-up Treatment Sessions 

For patients who require a face-to-face treatment pathway, follow-up sessions are an integral part of physiotherapy to allow continual progression and improvement of your treatment programme. During these appointments your treating clinician will conduct a mini follow-up assessment involving both verbal questioning on your response to the treatment to date and physical re-testing. This information is a vital part of your treatment and as such needs to be recorded by your therapist. A thorough clinical update at the beginning of each session paves the way for clinically effective and appropriate treatment. 
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