Pacemaker Insertion

An artificial pacemaker is an implanted electronic device that takes over the function of the heart's natural pacemaker.

The pacemaker operation is performed under local anaesthetic and light sedation. One or two special wires are inserted into the chambers of your heart through a vein just under your collarbone. The wire(s) are attached to a small pacemaker battery. This is then inserted under the skin, in a small "pocket" on the front of the chest, just below the collarbone.

Before your appointment

Please confirm your appointment as soon as you can after receiving your letter.

Follow any instructions given in the appointment letter regarding the taking/omitting of your medication.

You cannot eat or drink for several hours before your procedure. We will give you clear instructions in your letter.

During your appoinment

Please arrive in plenty of time for your appointment. Please bring a list of all your medication with you.

You will be asked to sign a consent form. In order to do this we will explain not only about the procedure but also mention some of the things that could go wrong. We stress that the important complications are very rare. Please feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns that you have.

The procedure will be performed under local anaesthetic and is usually a day case procedure.

After your appointment

After the procedure you will then be taken back to the ward area where you will be closely monitored until discharge.

You can eat and drink on return to the ward. The nurses will perform regular post procedure blood pressure and heart rate checks. Prior to discharge from the ward area the pacemaker will be checked and programmed to fit your pacing needs.

It is important to ask any questions you may have at this stage and about returning to work.

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