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11 July 2023
Fantastic results from the InHealth 2023 Staff Survey!

We are delighted to announce that InHealth’s 2023 Staff Survey shows an overall engagement score of 79% – our third year-on-year increase!

In the busy world of healthcare, so much can happen over 12 months and for InHealth this has certainly been the case, with 1 million more patients being seen, our services expanding across the country and growth being experienced in many areas.

InHealth’s services are in more demand than ever before, and our teams are supporting even more patients, so an increase in staff engagement is really encouraging and solidifies our position within the healthcare sector as having one of the highest engagement scores.

Across all 50 questions that make up the survey, almost half have seen an increase in favourability, with important areas such as social value, wellbeing and ED&I seeing the biggest shifts. Highest scoring questions for 2022 were the following:

  • 95% of staff would recommend InHealth services to friends and family
  • 93% know what is expected of them at work
  • 92% say that new members of the team are made to feel welcome
  • 92% say that patient safety is a key priority
  • 86% say they have the information to do their job properly
  • 85% feel that InHealth respects individual differences
  • 84% say that their role offers them interesting work
  • 80% of staff feel valued by their team

Staff also took the time to share honest and detailed feedback through the comments section, referencing all areas of life at InHealth, and from the 3,000+ comments that were captured, key emerging themes include:

  • Flexible working – overall, staff feel happy with their hours and rotas, the ability to choose their work environment and striking the right work-life balance
  • Teamwork – many comments highlighted the people, commitment, support from colleagues and managers, happiness, approachability and focus on real team effort, which as a people-focused organisation, is exactly what we want to hear
  • Culture – with 3,500 staff based across more than 800 locations, it’s pleasing to see that staff feel a sense of fun, positivity, living our values, care, friendliness and professionalism

Together with our dedicated Staff Partnership Forum, and our Leadership Community, we are now busy creating detailed action plans for InHealth as a whole, as well as each service area, so that we can take meaningful actions, build on the positives and work on the improvements identified. With an ultimate aim of creating an inclusive, engaging and supportive place to work, we are more dedicated than ever to making changes in the areas that matter most for our teams and we look forward to working with our colleagues to build on this positive engagement score.