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17 August 2022
InHealth partners with the NHS in Surrey and Sussex to deliver lung health checks to 72,000

Over the next 18 months, 72,000 people aged 55 to 74 living in Brighton and Hove and Crawley will be invited to an NHS lung health check, partnered with InHealth, to improve earlier diagnosis of lung cancer and save more lives.

Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death and can often be caught too late as there are rarely symptoms at the earlier stages. The Targeted Lung Health Check (TLHC) Programme supports those who may be at higher risk and diagnose it at the stage when it’s much more treatable.

With our mobile CT units located at convenient locations across the city, those eligible after a phone assessment, will be offered a free low dose CT scan of the lungs with a medical nurse, a healthcare assistant and a radiographer onboard. Based on previous pilots, an estimated 600 cases of lung cancer could be identified earlier than otherwise.

The Programme serves in 43 locations across the country, with Brighton and Hove being one of the highest lung cancer mortality rates in Sussex, and Crawley, the fourth highest lung cancer incidence and smoking prevalence in the region. A mobile unit will travel between Sainsbury’s West Hove Superstore from 18 July and the Asda Crawley Superstore from 21 July. It will run seven days a week, Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm, and Sunday, 10am to 4pm.

If you are invited to a targeted lung health check, please attend as this can ultimately save your life with earlier diagnosis.

For more information on the Targeted Lung Health Check programme, visit: https://www.inhealthgroup.com/lunghealthcheck/